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The Pumariega Oviedo

Restaurant Casa Chema (Harbor)

The traditional and the innovative go hand in hand in this restaurant, which offers gastronomic proposals of all kinds for the most demanding, including vegetarian and vegan dishes suitable for all audiences.

The Byke in Matheran

Restaurant La Calenda (Siones)

Charming and quiet restaurant with charm, delicious Italian and Spanish cuisine, prepared with care and the best products.

Casa Aldea La Pumariega Oviedo

Restaurant El Recreo in Las Caldas (Las Caldas)

Traditional Asturian cuisine, simple and tasty, made with good product, with a touch of innovation.

The Pumariega House Aldea Oviedo

Balneario Las Caldas Thermal Villa and Spa Aquaxana

Spa and spa complex offering treatments, and thermal circuits designed for relaxation and enjoyment in a unique environment. Special discounts for our clients.

The Pumariega Oviedo House Aldea

Las Caldas Golf Course

Municipal golf course with 18 holes. Special discounts for our clients.

Casa de Aldea La Pumariega

Comfort and tranquility in Oviedo.

Otura, 84 - Caces

33174 - Las Caldas, Oviedo

Phone: +34 985 798 009
Mobile:  +34 657 067 257